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Anniversary Hootenanny Winners!

First Place: Break The Ice by Electra

Second Place: Connections by Declan4

Congratulations to our winners! :) I'll work on getting your award banners to you sometime this year. Many thanks to all who wrote, reviewed, and voted!


by Aliceinwonderbra on 08/16/2014 11:20 AM

Congrats to you both :)

Dylan @ 08/17/2014 11:11 AM

Omgoodness!  This certainly made my weekend a bit brighter.  Thanks to those who voted for me, and a big thanks to all of the awesome authors and readers who took part.

You're all awesome.

Can we get a group hug going on?  I'll just stand here with my arms open and wait.  =P

Electra @ 08/17/2014 02:53 PM

Oh, God. You've been waiting for three hours. This is getting really awkward.

aliceinwonderbra @ 08/17/2014 07:26 PM

OhMyGod. This is brilliant!

Really, I've have a smile on my face for days now. (people are starting to talk- they think I might be mildly brain damaged!)

Also, congrats on Electra for bagging first place- entirely deserved! :)

This really means a lot.

Now. *clears throat* I have my speech right here...

Thank you to everyone who voted and reviewed kindly, this really was the nicest surprise. :)

Big thank's to Alice for setting up this competition and getting so many good stories out of it.

They were all a pleasure to read I think we can agree. :)

Thanks to my beta (you know who you are) who tidied up my prose and then went on to also kindly review!

Thanks to Jenna (my old beta) who badgered me (in a very nice way) to start posting my stories in the first place.

Oh man, I'm probably going to forget somebody...*sniff* I'd like thank God...*sniff* who made all this possible.

My dog Bounce...he's a little champ...*sniffle* also the variety of snack foods I eat while I'm writing...*bawl*

I love you all. Good night! :p


declan4 @ 08/18/2014 04:44 AM

Congratulations Electra and declan! 

bobina @ 08/19/2014 03:45 PM

Wooo!  Congrats to Electra and Declan, and everyone else who participated.  I was so happy to see so many excellent stories!  *joins group hug 2 weeks late*

Imrryr @ 09/06/2014 08:13 AM