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Banner for fuffy fanfic The Girl from Away

The Girl from Away

Name: Nomorebread (Signed) · Date: 07/24/2014 07:31 PM · For: Chapter 15

To answer your earlier question, I was distracted by shiny objects and various comic books;) But on to more important matters! Holy crap, woman! Amazing, amazing, amazing story. I loved it, start to finish. I loved how you fleshed out each character, how you brought Marci and Amy back, and just the plot line in general. I think the way you wrote Buffy and Faith was spot on. There was great character development throughout the story and it was actually very plausible. All in all, I tip my top hat to you ma'am. This and Flowers For A Ghost are two of the best Faith/Buffy stories I have read. Thank you for sharing.

Author's Response:

Thank you so much! I'm very glad you had a lull in the shiny and you came to leave reviews. :D I'm really glad that people seemed to like the Marcie and Amy stuff. Marcie was fun, and Amy was a drag because I hate canon Amy. :p Thank you also for being a Flowers fan even tho I left those two at a less certain place. Hopefully I will get these little one shots out to finish up the series soon. :)

Name: Electra (Signed) · Date: 07/18/2014 11:17 AM · For: Chapter 15

Am I fashionably late?  :P

What's there to say, dear Alice?  I loved this story.  I loved its companion piece.  They were both beautifully crafted and thought out, and I enjoyed every chapter (as rough as the last chapters were for you to finish).

I had to sit and think for a while why I enjoyed the second story so much, and I think I finally know why: it's because it's about the Faith we know from the series.  Not a different version of her where there were no fuckups or epic grudges; this was *our* Faith with all of her scars and flaws and history, and Buffy still loved her; still was able to see all of the great things that we do underneath all the scary baggage.

It's like the Faith we know and love finally got her due.  And it was awesome.

And they deserve to be happy together! 

I was sad when you sent Faith away and was prepared to send you some nasty messages, but you fixed it.  And you fixed it believably and without too much fuss.  I appreciate that!

It's been an excellent ride, Ms. Wonderbra.  I'm ready for whichever journey you're going to take us on next :)

Name: shanesthebest (Anonymous) · Date: 07/17/2014 11:12 PM · For: Chapter 15

hate to see the end of your effing brilliant story but what a great ending it was

Author's Response:

Thank you so much. Very glad you enjoyed it. :)

Name: SilentlySlaying (Signed) · Date: 07/12/2014 10:58 AM · For: Chapter 15

I have some bad news. You forfeited your cookie by pretending to send Faith back to prison. But I'm not unreasonable, and I bet not killing anybody must have been hard, so I give you permission to bake your own. Just the one though. And you're not allowed to actually eat it. So there. :p

Umm, so moving on. The story was wrapped up nicely, and things turned out well for everyone. Unless you're Amy, who now lives in a giant, frozen wheel (What does the E stand for in ICE?).

I can't remember a lot of the earlier chapters now, but the last couple were definitely good. Nice pacing, suspenseful, and left me guessing what was actually going on with Amy/Willow.

Ooh, is one of the one-shots Marcie related? I think you said it was somewhere, but I could be making that up. Just wondering where she's going back to and what an invisible person does all day (You know, if messing with people's heads ever gets old.).

You've written another half a story already? Is it because you have two keyboards (And four hands, obviously)? Not that I'm complaining (But I might about the lack of plot. We'll see. :p). Everything you write is consistently high quality so the more the better. :)

Author's Response:

This is BS. I want that cookie!

Not killing anybody was kind of hard. I so wanted to bump at least one person off, but I figured some of the finales on Buffy involved no deaths, so I could manage to do it too. :D *pats self on the back* There is actually no E in the abbreviation but it sounds like ice when said aloud. Couldn't figure out how to convey that sensibly in the dialogue. :p 

One of the one shots is Marcie centric, yep. :) I have some further plans for her. Invisible people need love too. We shall see when I get to writing it. I started it, but I'm working on my anniversary contest entry at the moment, so perhaps when I'm done I can pick it back up. 

I only have two hands! And they are actually quite slow. Curse you, hands! The reason its half done is because I was writing it while writing Flowers. I stopped so I could complete Girl and get it done. Unfortunately my brain always wants to do the next fic before I'm done the current so I usually pick back up two years after having started a fic. This one is was started in early 2013 I think, unlike poor Girl which actually started before Flowers. :p I'm confusing my own self now. You'll probably complain about lack of plot but I will kill someone every time you do. So bear that in mind. >:)

Thank you as always for your feedback. :)

Name: DYMN (Signed) · Date: 07/09/2014 03:32 AM · For: Chapter 15

LOVED this series! Looking forward to the couple one-shots you have planned. Will they be in the other 'verse as well? (ie. the 'verse where the canon buffy is in the alt 'verse).

Great job ^_^ 

Author's Response:

Thank you! :) I have 2 or 3 thoughts I'd like to make one shots. One is definitely in Girl-verse, the other two might be in Flowers-verse but I haven't decided exactly how I want to write them yet. :) 

Name: Hayley (Signed) · Date: 07/07/2014 02:05 PM · For: Chapter 15

Yay for a happy ending! For a second I thought Faith would just back to prison and Buffy would be alone. So happy that wasn't the case. :)

It was interesting that the turning point for Faith changing her mind about prison was Lorne listening to her sing. Really enjoyed that! Then again, I loved every chapter of this one.

Can't wait to read anything else you come up with for these characters. :)

Author's Response:

Thanks, Hayley! :)  I did toy with the idea of Faith going back to prison for at least a while, but I felt like the two of them deserved a good end after I almost killed Faith and melted Buffy's eyes. :D I knew Angel had to be involved in Faith's decision because she looks up to him so much. Lorne's part just kind of happened but I was happy because I love Lorne. :) I hope I will do those couple of one-shots soon, but some other things are peaking my interest, so these may go on the back burner. :p We shall see!

Name: declan4 (Signed) · Date: 07/07/2014 01:40 PM · For: Chapter 15

And its a wrap! The world's still here.

Ah yes, the well documented 'Sunnydale denial sydrome' in full effect- lots of good laughs at that one!

And then Faith said she was going back to jail! :(

I was all angst-y for a bit as Faith decided to go and do her time, even though she was fighting the good fight.

She would give all the happinest up for her shot at redemption...yeah, that's our girl. (Part of the appeal of Faith/Buffy to me is that basically Faith is very similar to Angel in terms of how she sees her past crimes/place in the world)- she's just a little bit more dangerous/sexy with it- plus attainble.

It's why Fuffy works so well as a couple for me (or at least one of the reasons...)


So, luckily Lorne intervened- he just couldn't see great love go to waste!



This was a really great story- a really fascinating universe- with lots of Fuffy goodness.

Thank You.


Author's Response:

I love Sunnydale syndrome! Those damned gangs and their PCP. Interesting comment about Faith v. Angel. I do like Buffy/Angel and Angel himself as a character, but I wouldn't say it appeals to me that Faith and Angel are similar in this way. I feel totally on board with Faith's attempts at bettering herself, but Angel's kind of fall flat to me. Partly I guess because while obviously it's good to fight on the side of good, punishing yourself for something you physically had no control over and weren't present for gets kind of old, at least for me as a viewer. Angel doesn't need redemption up through like Angel season 2 because he never actually did anything, he just feels responsible. I'm not discounting his feelings, but Faith being a human being called to save and protect other humans and then doing the things she did... That's a way bigger emotional punch for me. I think after season 2, Angel makes tons of crap choices he should feel terrible about, of course. :p I think Faith for me has depth that the Angel character never did. Not for lack of the writers trying I guess, but I couldn't get into the Darla storyline, or the Connor one, or the big Cordelia love so... Meh. I do love the dark humor from AtS and his friendships there though. 

Umm so fuffy. :D I think Fuffy works for me as a couple outside of Faith's redemption arch. Luckily Lorne is a big softy. He was one of the best parts of AtS for me, so I love sticking him in fics wherever he can go. :p Thank you very much for your kind reviews, and I am glad you enjoyed! :D

Name: topak (Signed) · Date: 07/07/2014 08:38 AM · For: Chapter 15
I really felt bad when I read that Marcy can't be checked by the doctors cause she's invisible. That made me wonder about the rest of the things that she can't do. You've made her likeable in her annoying way hahaha. I wish she didn't have to leave.

And speaking of leaving... Haaaaaaaa!!!! Faith decided to go back to prison. I didn't expect that! And then she goes on and says, "I hope you find someone who gives you everything..."

I've used up that line before, and I know how much it hurts to say it. I wanted to smack her and cry at the same time.

Thank goodness you fixed that mess up. Thank you Lorne!!!

Author's Response:

Likeable in an annoying way... Sounds like I based her on someone I know. >:) 

Told ya I had to make you cry before I could bring it to the happy ending! I think it was important that Buffy let her make her own choice and support her in that. That made Faith more secure in her feeling that Buffy sees her for herself and respects her. I do love Lorne, and he is a person who so loves love. Of course he's gonna speak up and tell her to run, not walk, toward the one who loves her. :) happy I finally have you an unequivocally happy ending? 

Name: madison4865 (Signed) · Date: 07/07/2014 03:09 AM · For: Chapter 15
thank you! great story, with amuch better ending then flowers. you'll have to bring marcie back in the one shot, and maybe a happier ending to flowers! felt bad for both of them . glad angel and loren made faith see sense. excited for the next story.

Author's Response:

Thank you. Glad you enjoyed!

Name: Nomorebread (Signed) · Date: 07/01/2014 04:28 PM · For: Chapter 14

Wow. I go away for a little while and BAM, a multitude of chapters appear. Excellent:) Fantastic as always. The updates are appreciate and I, for one, cannot wait to see how this ends. 

Author's Response:

Thank you. :) Where've you been hiding out?

The last chapter is up now, and I hope you enjoy. :)

Name: SilentlySlaying (Signed) · Date: 06/29/2014 08:09 AM · For: Chapter 14

So Faith is apparently not great at motivating. Somehow I am not surprised.

When Giles told her to look around the corner, I totally thought it was a “Go away and pretend to be busy before you annoy everyone” comment. But no, it was just your run-of-the-mill possessed horde.

Eww, eww, and more eww to the eye thing. Yuck. *shudder* Did not need to read that. As if GoT hadn't already grossed me out enough for one year. :( Buffy really should have stuck with the group. I'm surprised she took off without making sure Faith was OK first as well, but I guess magic is more effective than CPR.

Well... my prediction wasn't that far off. *cough*

And it could all have been avoided if Willow had been more forthcoming with the grapes. Bad Willow! OK, maybe not, but I do feel a little sorry for Amy now. She just wants to be nuzzled!

What are they going to do with her? I was kinda expecting Willow to turn her back into a rat, which would have been harsh. Maybe they could just keep her occupied with a really big wheel. And possibly a vineyard.


Author's Response:

I live to gross you out, as you know. I haven't had any zombies around in a while, so I have had to find other means. I did refrain from trying my gory hand on Marcie though, so you're welcome for that. :p

I think CPR could have been effective, but Buffy doesn't know that Willow's still on their side, and after what happens to Tara, she feels like she doesn't have a choice but to go. There's another option for Faith, but she's Tara's only hope at the moment. I thought it was actually a bit of growth for her. She isn't putting Faith ahead of everyone and everything. They're slayers, and sometimes they have to make tough calls.

I feel sorry for Amy Rat too! One of the reasons I didn't want to turn her back into a rat. It just seemed so cruel after I wrote her sad little life. Nuzzling does solve all the world's problems though. Damn that Willow for being so inattentive. They'll do something with her next chapter. Hint, it is not a wheel. :D

Name: topak (Signed) · Date: 06/24/2014 09:53 PM · For: Chapter 14
I loved Buffy's funny, rambling thoughts. I find her adorable when she's like that. She hasn't lost her sense of humor even though she's in a really messed-up situation. But running alone all by herself... -_-

In the end, she ended up in the same place as the gang. Hahahaha! That really made me laugh. With a bit of relief. Cause really?

Faith died? Does that mean there is another awakened slayer somewhere? Faith died?!?! I didn't know that happened. What?!?! Ok. She's alive now, but really! Faith died?!?!

The way they handled the possessed Sunnydale residents: I liked how you were mindful of them as still being humans as opposed to zombies. And the random injection of Faith's thoughts about Buffy not approving of her breaking people's kneecaps. Haha. These little things do matter and are very much appreciated.

About the setting: while reading through this chapter and the previous one, I am reminded of Pans' Labyrinth. Have you seen that movie? The images painted you painted in my head is this fantasy world, dark and scary, yet fascinating and magical. Did I mention creepy? You do have a knack for coming up with interesting environments. I love your imagination more than the real you *kidding.

I was trying to figure out how this whole debacle would end. I thought Willow was a lost cause, but that can't be. Because, TARA (and Faith's faith on Willow). I am relieved that the whole thing was not resolved by the death of Amy (or Buffy or Faith doing something drastic and action packed). That would have been copping out (sorta).

That Amy-as-a-rat section really got me sad. I didn't try to reread it cause it sorta threw me for a loop. You know how much of a softie I can be. Also, gullible. It was sad though... really. But in the end, she did end up being evil and vengeful. I wonder what will happen to her after this. I still am reminded of Amy-rat waiting for Willow's return. What sadness and loneliness feels like. I blame you for my sadness!!!

This chapter was looong, and full of details. No wonder you were complaining to me so much. You put a lot of effort into it. I am proud and happy for you. I won't tease you so much (but you have to remind me!!!). *hugs

I did miss the lack of fuffy. *oops here I am complaining again. heh.

Author's Response:

Always a complaint with you, eh? *flicks your horns* Buffy's humor is one of my fave qualities about her too. :)

Yes, a new slayer was called. But that's a story for another day. :D I haven't seen Pan's Labyrinth, no. But if my imagination is on par with a movie, I'll take the compliment, haha. I was debating what to do with Amy. I thought perhaps they'd make her a rat again, but it seemed quite cruel, especially given the rat scene I ended up writing. I thought it was best to just defeat her and hand her off to some other authority. 

I thought Amy was a much better villain than say, The Trio from the show. I tried to give her some understandable motivation. She was a basically decent person, but she went a little mad in her time as a rat. I did love writing that rat scene. Poor little thing. Enough details for Topak?? I can't believe it. :p

Name: Hayley (Signed) · Date: 06/24/2014 05:19 PM · For: Chapter 14

First, I loved the part where we get a glimpse of Amy's life as a rat. I'd always kind of wondered about that and especially liked the part with the kitten. The whole thing shows why she has an attachment to Willow.

I didn't think I would but I like Faith's belief in Willow, even when everyone else has doubts. It shows how much Faith has grown because she really could just take Buffy's side. 

Only one more chapter? Sad! Can't wait to read how it ends! :)

Author's Response:

Thank you! :) I think Faith knows what it's like to have no one believe you can be better, and she sympathizes with that. At the same time, she's also backing up Tara, because Tara believes in Willow absolutely, and Faith trusts Tara's instincts. I think it's really good for Faith that she can be vocal about her own instincts and have them be respected. Buffy believes in her so much that it helps her believe in herself. 

Yep, just one more to wrap up the loose ends and answer some fuffy questions... :) 

Name: declan4 (Signed) · Date: 06/24/2014 04:38 PM · For: Chapter 14

Wow, this was very climax-y (Is that a word?)


Anyway, it felt like there were stakes, that people could get hurt and die, that they were all up against it- I was kinda worried about Tara for a sec there at the end, but I didn guess that it was probably a trap. Nice!

Other things I liked: Marcie getting angry that Faith was hurt (aw, they really bonded),

the whole magical tower/castle thing was really neat- something I wish the'd done on the show, which they totally could've with that castle that Dracula had. :(

Your Amy  (a worthy Big Bad imo) is so much better than S6 Amy - the rational for her insanity/evil is so much better- I felt really sorry for her for a sec- that she remembered all her time from being a rat!

Faith trying to get all pep-talky but just coming off as irritated! Girl's got to play to her strengths.

Buffy getting angry at Faith but then trusting her enough to back her play, and Faith's reaction to that- very nicely written.


The ending with Tara managing to reach Dark Willow before she crosses that line. Good going.

Greayt chapter!

Looking forward to the clean-up and tying up of loose ends.

Author's Response:

I believe the word you're looking for is climactic. Lol. :p

Ooh, I'm happy to have tricked you with the Tara trap! :D Re: Amy, I gave her a teeny bit of depth with that anger at her mother/burning the statue, but I felt like she needed something more since we've only seen her villainous side. She is definitely attracted to Willow's magical abilities too, but I felt like her time as a rat had some potential to be mined. I think on the show they indicated that she did remember, but her concept of time was different, and she didn't know how long she'd been a rat. I did feel sorry for her too after I wrote the scene. I never really liked Amy too much, but Rat Amy, I can sympathize with. :)

I seem to have blocked out the Dracula storyline. La la la don't tell me I can't hear youuuuuu.

I think the next chapter should satisfy the loose ends tidily. :D Let us pray it doesn't take me forever and a day to do it. Thank you!! :)

Name: madison4865 (Signed) · Date: 06/24/2014 04:06 PM · For: Chapter 14
very satisfying chapter! as long as will wasn't really trying to hurt tara, all is well. ;) it was nice to see buffys faith in faith (scratch head) believe in her. it would be interesting to see how the people of sunnydale explain this? i would have liked to hear what faith was thinking when she saw marcie for the first time, i was waiting for a snarky comment. great chapter, kind of hate to see this end, but if at some point i get a follow up to omega very BIG GRIN!

Author's Response:

Well "at some point" is a very wide window, so I guess I can commit to that. :p

The next chapter has the answer on how the non-in-the-know Sunnydale people explain what happened. Now that you said that about Faith seeing Marcie, I realized that doh, she didn't see why Marcie is now glowing and would probably have asked. Let the ball drop on that one. :p I have loved Girl too, but I'm excited about the next story I'll post. It's light on plot, heavy on fuffy, which is way more fun for me to write. :D Omega is battling for the spot after that with my newest plot bunny. We'll see which one I'm motivated to write. Thank you as always for reading and commenting!

Name: crisangel (Signed) · Date: 06/24/2014 03:32 PM · For: Chapter 14

God, that rat retrospective was so very, very sad... and brilliant, of course.  This whole tale has been just fascinating and incredibly unique... and creepy as shit!

I loved it.

More so even than Flowers, which you know I cuddled close to my chest every night from the moment you posted the first chapter over on BnF.

You are so very talented. I am in awe. And I look forward to reading the final chapter so I can start this whole journey all over again.


Author's Response:

Cris! *wipes stray tear* Thank you. :)

Maybe you can already tell, but Girl is the story I really wanted to write, and Flowers was one I felt I had to do first so people would understand Alt Buffy better. I thought it made sense to follow canon Buffy and see the Alt world, so I wrote it, and I did like it once I got into it, but it wasn't the story I was most excited about. :pSo it's okay if you liked Girl better!

The 'rat retrospective' has a nice ring to it. Sounds so classy. :p I was never a big fan of Amy, even before Season 6, but I really liked the idea of the Amy Rat. I liked how the show consistently kept her around in the background, and going back and de-ratting her was a really big payoff. I felt so sorry for little Amy Rat. :( Plus I wanted to explain a bit about her motivation toward Willow. It's not all about her power. Amy's got deeeeep issues re: Willow.

I am going to try really hard to get that last chapter out sooner rather than later. I know everything that needs to happen, it's just making the time to get it done. :D

Name: SilentlySlaying (Signed) · Date: 06/08/2014 11:54 AM · For: Chapter 13

First of all, you didn't kill Marcie throughout all of that, so you should give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. Now you just have to keep it up for one more chapter. You can do it; Marcie believes in you!

That was a pretty chaotic second half. Plenty going on. It looks like none of it is good for Buffy and the gang, but I suspect everything isn't as it seems. I'm not sure what Willow, Tara and Faith's plan is, but Willow sent a letter about something, so Tara could be playing possum while Willow keeps up the charade (As it was Willow who cast that last spell), but I doubt Faith's role was to let herself (Almost, hopefully) drown. Ooh, or maybe Willow was borrowing Tara's power so she has enough to take on Amy, and the "Your turn" comment at the end was more a "Your turn to be magic-melted, Amy!", and then Faith's role is to bash Willow over the head once Amy is dead before Willow goes out of control on power (And Buffy couldn't be trusted not to bash too hard because she's currently not pro-Willow). Right? Right?

As for Buffy, she probably wants to get back to that CPRing. She should know by now what a pain in the ass new Slayers can be. :p

So one more chapter and then... Omega Rising sequel, yes? :D

Author's Response:

So one more chapter turned into two, since I couldn't squeeze all the things in chapter 14. :p Now I have to keep Marcie alive for two chapters. How the eff am I going to do that?

You know Faith, she's never been one to follow the plan. I don't think you have the plan quite right there... but I did enjoy your speculation. :D Faith has only a very small role, but she did kind of spoil it by going and drowning herself and bashing her head in. Tara will probably forgive that since Faith did manage to keep her alive. I would love any plan that involved bashing Willow over the head. I will write that plan into my next story, tentatively titled, Kill Willow Volume 1.

I'm sorry to disappoint you, but Omega isn't next. I have a half completed long fic to finish up. Then Omega's warring with my newest plot bunny...

Name: riterevrenzee (Signed) · Date: 06/06/2014 06:09 PM · For: Chapter 13

WTF dude, that was like horrible, I couldn't breath and it was heart wrenching, and totally engrossing. Wow, I hate to see Willow all black-eyed and hopped up on the magicks, ha, where's Anya when you need weird comedic relief. Seriously that chapter had me tense and scared and all the things a good intense dramatic chapter should do. I hope that you are going to fix this cause damn that was rough. I've read other stories by you and I know you have no problem killing off folks if it advances the storyline, but just like warn a reader if that's gonna happen, ok? ok. good. that was intense very intense, dark Willow always creeped me out. yuck.


Author's Response:

I never thought I would find 'horrible' to be praise when someone reviewed my chapter... :p Thank you! Where IS Anya anyway? I realize that I wrote her out off screen and never explained it. Whoopsie. :D

I am going to fix stuff! Some of the stuff! At least like two of the stuff! I also hate dark Willow of the show, so it sort of confuses me why I decided to write her in so heavily, but writing her is way better than having to watch her acted on TV. :p Don't worry, the next chapter will start fixing some stuff. It's actually complete, and will be posted soon. I hope tonight. :)

Name: madison4865 (Signed) · Date: 06/05/2014 05:12 PM · For: Chapter 13
amy gives me the heebeegeebies! shes wicked mean and scary! luv marcie and faiths friendship, their funny together. willow looks at amy and says "your turn", does that mean shes siccing amy on the others or (fingers crossed) that she is going to use taras power combined with her own to finally take amy down? don't make us wait to long! great chapter!

Author's Response:

Haha! Thanks. :) I don't think you've got it quite right on what Willow meant, haha. Wishful thinking there! :p I finally finished the next chap and sent it for beta, so hopefully you won't be waiting much longer. :) I love Marcie/Faith too. Marcie is fun to write because all we really know is that she became invisible and she hated her fellow students due to that. She's a blank slate to play with. :D

Name: doe-eyed-girly-evil (Signed) · Date: 06/04/2014 06:09 PM · For: Chapter 13

Holy crap that was awesome!  I don't even know what I should be more freaked out by, the fact that Faith is lying there unresponsive or whatever the hell just happened to Tara.  Come back soon!  Your writing is incredible and addictive as always.

Author's Response:

Hey, Evil! :)  Thank you so much, glad you liked it! I only planned to leave it on one cliffhanger, but then the Faith thing just sort of happened. And it fit perfectly with a scene I needed in the next chapter. :p The next chapter is probably about 75% done so I hope to have it up soon. 

Name: MickTrex (Signed) · Date: 06/03/2014 05:13 PM · For: Chapter 13

I usually pride myself by knowing when you're bluffing but I honestly can't tell what Willow's up to anymore. Is it a double bluff? A triple bluff? Some form of bluff not meant for mortal minds? Beats me!

I know you have a general dislike of her character so I wouldn't put it past you to make her a backstabber. It certainly keeps things interesting. 

The vineyard seems like a carnival fun house and I love your imagination with the forest in a glass box and the rapids plus waterfall. It gives a sense that anything could happen and multiple characters have been left in dubious circumstances. I also quite like Amy's odd flirtatiousness with Willow. I get the impression its her magical gifts she finds sexy rather than the fact she's woman-shaped.

The Fuffy stuff is great as always. They come off very protective of one another, connected on a deep level. Basement sex will do that to you. Looking forward to the last chapter (I think?), hopefully it will arrive sooner than this one. :P -fingers crossed-

Author's Response:

I can't fathom what a triple bluff would be... She's bluffing Amy. She's bluffing the Scoobs. She's bluffing... herself? I don't know. I'm trying to bluff you like 42 ways and I see I am succeeding, so go me, even if I can't figure out what a triple bluff is! *pats self on back*

The next chapter fleshes out Amy's obsession with Willow somewhat, so I'll be interested to see what you think of that. She does of course lurve her some magic, but for some reason people on this show find Willow attractive, so I guess it's not out of the realm of possibility that she wants to jump her bones. There's that Willow hate coming on again.... :p

So the 'last' chapter actually turned into the second to last. It took me all of chapter 14 to wind up the plotty stuff. Meaning I now have to do a chapter 15 to wind up the character stuff. Chap 14 is done though, and I hope will be posted by the time you wake up in merry old England. Fingers crossed that my friend/beta works at my demanding pace.

Name: Miz Black Crow (Signed) · Date: 06/03/2014 11:19 AM · For: Chapter 13


That is all I am capable of thinking right now.

Fucking fuck.

Author's Response:

Haha! :) I apologize for breaking your brain. :p

Name: declan4 (Signed) · Date: 06/03/2014 03:40 AM · For: Chapter 13

Wow, plott-y goodness! :)


Lots of action, which was good.

Plus a few nice, quiet character touches, like Buffy and Faith in the basement, Faith's rememberances of her killings.

Liking Marcie more and more, she's a completely original character- sort of like a snarky Cordelia type, very fun to read!


Liked Faith sticking up for Buffy and arguing with Giles.

And all the Tara/Faith interaction.

The climax was exciting- but aargh! cliff-hanger. All will be forgiven if theres another chapter coming soon. :)

Author's Response:

Thank you! love snarky Cordelia types! :p Cordelia's not in the story? Better stick in someone else to snark, I say. Marcie is very fun to write though. I really like her. I have a story for her in my head of how she feels emotionally and why she acts the way she does. She grew on me like a fungus, what can I say?

The next chapter should be coming like... tonight-ish. Is that soon enough? Probably not. :p It's long though. Forgive me, I have not the writing speed! On the bright side, it took me the entire next chapter to resolve the plot stuff, so I have to do one more to resolve the character stuff. It was supposed to be 14, but now 15. :)

Name: Hayley (Signed) · Date: 06/02/2014 04:55 PM · For: Chapter 13

Wow! So much happened in this chapter!

I love how close Buffy and Faith are in this chapter. They really show a united front in making the decisions, even teaming up against Giles. It was great to read.

I have so many questions now! All of them seem to be in immediate danger and my mind keeping going over who might not survive. Also curious about what's going on with evil Willow.

Can't wait to read more! :)

Author's Response:

Thank you! I loved that scene with Giles because this is a place where Buffy and Faith really get each other, when no one else, including the other versions of themselves, could. Buffy hasn't confided in anyone else here that she killed Finch, but the shared experience of being slayers who've taken human lives really bonds her with Faith. Faith is the only one who senses her grief at the idea of doing it again, and she responds to it by leaping to Buffy's defense. Gotta love her for it. Not that I think Giles was wrong to bring it up, because he has valid points also. 

More will be up soon I hope!! :)

Name: bobina (Signed) · Date: 06/02/2014 01:19 PM · For: Chapter 13

I concur with Marcie on this one. Christ on a cracker, indeed. 

The opening scene of this chapter is going to be burned into my brain for a long, long time. You've made Amy one of the creepiest villians this verse has ever seen. Have I mentioned yet how much I love your inclusion of the natural world in Amy's spellcasting? It harkens back to Willow's assessment of the UC Sunnydale Wiccan group, with its "blah blah sisterhood blah blah Gaia" love the earth but don't actually practice spells mantra, and kicks it up several thousand notches. Amy's possession of dead animals and chimerizing (I just made that up just now because I couldn't find a succinct verb for "to make a chimera") of living animals to fulfill her whims of evil is so good, and so terrifying. 

Like Topak, I, too, love the odd couple that is Marcie and Faith. The snark between the two of them is off the charts. As is the exhibitionism. Heh. 

Popples! Ha! I used to have a Popple when I was a kid! They were so cuddly! I love me a good obscure pop culture reference. :) Though the image of those things floating gently along the breeze reminded me of all of the seeds and pollen balls of several types of trees in my area that are blowing around in the wind right now, and I might be a little worried about getting to my car to go to work later. Hmm...

I hope there's no character limit on reviews, because this is fast becoming "bobina's stream of consciousness while she re-reads chapter 13."

It's interesting, after everything Amy has put them and the residents of Sunnydale through, knowing what she's willing to do to get her way, that the thought of killing her hadn't come up before. I like, though, that there's discussion about it, and that Buffy and Faith are entirely on the same page about it. It's easy to forget, at this juncture, that this Buffy and this Faith haven't known each other all this time. Buffy's experiences are not what everyone else remembers, and it was important to bring that up here. She and Faith have both taken human lives, and they're not willing to do that again. It's a strong conviction in both of them, and at this point in the story, it's a necessary one. I just hope it's worth something to both of them when Amy pulls out all the stops, as I'm sure she will. 

The second half of this chapter is insane. INSANE. But I think you knew that while you were writing it, because, at least from Amy's perspective (I'm leaving Willow out of this for the moment) it's also insanely fun. Have you been reading The Hunger Games? Or House of Leaves? Or both? Yikes, I think I just gave myself nightmares mashing those two together.


Amy's lair is ridiculous. I love that Buffy goes into it knowing right away it's a trap, but going ahead with the plan anyway. What other choice do they have? I also love that Amy and Willow are right there waiting for them, and that their first action is separating the group, forcing Buffy and Faith to make a choice over whether to stay and help Ayan and Dawn and Xander, or beating the bad guys. And I especially love that Tara is the one to make that decision for them. It really makes me wonder what was in that letter from Willow, especially at the end of the chapter. Was Tara anticipating this side of Willow? Was Willow seemingly sucking the life force from Tara part of the plan? Or has Willow really gone off the deep end? Because if she has, I don't see any of them surviving this. 

Speaking of surviving, Faith better not be dead. The way you wrote the group pulled through the surprise rapids and down the waterfall was way too realistic (I almost drowned once getting pulled over the falls while surfing - not fun), and even just that would be enough to exhaust even the most superhuman among them. Add a bleeding head wound to that? Faith better not be dead. 

I don't know how patient I'm gonna be waiting for the next chapter after all of this. Good God, woman!


Author's Response:

Chimerizing it is! I'm with you, let's chimerize! :p Evil Amy is super fun, both for the eeeeevil component and for the Scoobies feelings reactions of like, 'Really? You? Rat girl? I don't believe this shiz.'

Is it really exhibitionism if they can't see you, tho? :) I love writing Marcie in general, but especially with Faith because she's gravitated toward the other odd one out in the group, and Faith has a high tolerance for asshole antics. After Sunnydale, I think Marcie learned to put the past behind her somewhat, but she's never going to quite forgive her former classmates for what happened to her. Willow, Xander, and even Buffy and Giles who came later but saw the conclusion of her storyline, are reminders of that. Faith's a clean slate.

Popples for the win! I had popples sheets, popples dolls... Actually I initially wrote the little fluffs as just random magic fluff and then realized I needed to stick to Amy's theme of using insects and animals. Fortunately, there was an insect that looked just like I needed. :p

I think the Scoobies in general throughout the series are reluctant to kill humans, even when those humans do terrible things. Everyone is horrified when Willow kills Warren, and they go so far as to protect Jonathan and Andrew. Giles kills Ben because he knows Buffy would never be able to. They manage to find creative solutions that don't involve killing the baddie when it's people like Marcie, Amy's Mom, Ethan Rayne, and even Faith. They allow her to live and Buffy basically skates by on that one. I also think they suffer from a myopic world view in which they don't ponder really doing the hard things that make them uncomfortable until they are personally impacted and it forces their hand. Angelus and Faith for instance. Now that she's hurt Tara, here's where they start to ponder the possibilities. I thought it was interesting to pull this in here, because I don't imagine that Buffy would have confided in anyone else what happened to Allen Finch at home. She had past opportunities to bring it up with Willow drinking the Faith haterade, and she never did. I think it's something that while takes responsibility for it, she doesn't want to think about or acknowledge aloud any more than she has to. She did it to make a point to Faith, but that's the only time. So Giles is well meaning, he's only trying to do what's best, but he doesn't understand why the idea throws her so completely. Only Faith does, and I liked them having that secret connection.

I have read the Hunger Games, but not the other. What's it about? Should I be reading?

The contents of the letter will be revealed next chapter, so I shall remain mum about that. :) I think Tara would be gung ho with or without any letter from Willow. Her thought process is basically: 'There goes Willow, why are we not moving?'

Faith is not dead because I didn't put one of those handy dandy character death warnings on the fic! :p She is out of commission though. I often wonder when putting them in situations of peril, am I giving them TOO many near death experiences? And then I say nah, let's almost kill them again! Faith being out cold is set up for pay off on a little seed I planted some chapters ago... I hope the next chapter goes up tonight. :) Pending receipt from beta now.

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